Invited Membrane Seminars


Seminars are generally on Monday afternoons at 4:00 PM with refreshments at 3:45. They are held at Snyder or Jordan Hall.

10/1/12 Jebrell Glover, Assistant Professor Linda Columbus
Department of Chemistry, Lehigh University
Title: Caveolin:  A Tale of Two Prolines
10/8/12 Elizabeth Rhoades Lukas Tamm
Molecular Viophysics & Biochemistry, Yale University
Title: Amyloids and membranes: Identifying differences in functionaland dysfunctional interactions
11/12/12 Da-Neng Wang, Professor Lukas Tamm
Skirball Institute, New York
Title: Structure and mechanism of a bacterial INDY homolog — A sodium-dependent carboxylate transporter involved in fatty acid synthesis and obesity
12/10/12 David Weliky, Professor Lukas Tamm
Department of Chemistry, Michigan State University
Title: Structure/function of membrane-associated viral fusion proteins and structure of recombinant proteins in bacterial inclusion bodies


5:30 PM

Snyder Bldg.

 Joseph Mindell (NIH/NINDS)

Title: TBA

 David Cafiso